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A Creative House for the Real Ones.

Songwriting is meant to share stories & messages through an avenue loved by all: music.

Everyone has a story.

Everyone wants to feel seen and heard.

Everyone can play a role in songwriting.

Everyone needs someone.


Our community consists of creatives who are:

  • from different backgrounds,

    • (cultures, languages, ethnicities, etc.)​

  • in multiple genres,

    • (anything from R&B and Gospel to pop and country​)

  • on various levels,

    • (ranging from very beginner to full-time professional)​

  • in all parts of the world,

    • (the U.S., Brazil, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Columbia, to name a few)

  • juggling their own unique situations

    • (parenthood, full-time jobs, school, finances, insecurities, you name it)

We use all of these factors, that should create distance, to help us learn to understand each other better and teach us how to do life together.

The result?

1) A group of people that truly embodies the definition of genuine community.

2) A diverse catalog of authentic songs that the world can relate to.

You Belong Here.




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Community Team

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