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Songwriter / Artist / Musician


Greensboro, North Carolina​

Proficient Genres:

Contemporary Christian






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Javier Batista

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A seasoned musician and bilingual singer-songwriter, music has been an integral part of Javier’s life since childhood. Growing up between New Jersey, Puerto Rico, and now living in North Carolina, has provided him an array of experiences and styles to pull from in the creative process. This is reflected in the range of genres he can easily flow in. 

Known for being a calming presence in the writing room, his demeanor belies a passion for melodies and lyrics that latch on to the heart and won’t let go. 


In addition to being a husband to Valerie and father to Gracie, Javier is an active collaborator with Hymnal Records with one release (Neighbor) and another on the way, and has written and had releases  with Jordan Houghton, Julio Rivera, and most recently, with Writing Rounds Worship’s latest single, “What a Name”.  Other artists he has written with include Joseph Espinoza, Steve Davis, and Jordan Colle (SONS the band).  As a Latin artist,  he released an album called “Tu Huella” which had radio play all over Latin America and he has opened for a variety of artists including Marco Barrientos, Tercer Cielo, Mar Azul Worship, ROJO, and Redimi2. 


Javier actively leads worship at Bridge of Hope Church in Greensboro, NC.

About Javier

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