LeBron Arnwine

producer - songwriter - musician

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Songs played on, arranged, written or produced by LeBron Arnwine.

With over 20 years of experience, LeBron Arnwine has been involved in the production, songwriting, & arranging of projects featuring artists such as Resound, Judy Jacobs, David & Nicole Binion, William McDowell, and Darlene Zschech. He has also played for artists such YEBBA, Benita Jones, Dante Bowe, Kim Cruse, Leon Timbo, and many more.


LeBron's passion in life has always been to love God, serve people, & operate in a lifestyle of excellence. In March 2018, A&A Production studios was established. Through it, LeBron has been carrying out his vision of creating unique experiences for artists and producing top quality material.


LeBron graduated from Lee University with a Bachelor's in Digital Media and is the co-founder of the independent music label, Writing Rounds Music.

Official Website: A&A Production Studios

Official Website: Writing Rounds