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A Million Pieces (live in Kansas City)

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Single Release




Hope Chapel - Olathe, Kansas

Listen Here

Genre: Contemporary Christian
ARTIST NAME: Writing Rounds Worship, Hope Chapel Collective
SONG TITLE: “A Million Pieces”
WRITERS: Jessica Hitte, Coreena Beard, Scott Keller, Mark Scriven, LeBron Arnwine
PUBLISHERS: Writing Rounds Publishing, Mulloy Beard Music, Mark Scriven, GiftedSong
ALBUM/SONG(S) PRODUCED BY: A&A Production Studios
MIXED BY: Nicholas Cole
MASTERING HOUSE NAME & ADDRESS: Tone and Volume Mastering

Production Credits (Fill out all that apply)
Produced by: LeBron Arnwine
Engineered by: Isaac Moreno
Live Recording Engineers: Isaac Moreno
Pre-Production: LeBron Arnwine
Musical Director: LeBron Arnwine
Piano: LeBron Arnwine
Programming: LeBron Arnwine
Bass: Judah Earl
Guitars: Eddy Lozano, Harley Tracy, Ronnie Longoria
Drums: David Aguilar

Vocals: Jessica Hitte, Melvin Charles Aikens, Brendan Kendall, Kacey Kendall, Robert Leslie
Vocal Arranger: Jessica Hitte, LeBron Arnwine

Cover Design: Brendan Kendall
Music Video Production House: MaximsMedia
Music Video Production Company: MaximsMedia
Music Video Producer: Max Mospanyuk
Production Manager: LeBron Arnwine
Events Manager: Writing Rounds
Front Of House Live Mix Engineer: Isaac Moreno
Lighting Director: Ian VanDusen

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