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Could It Be You

Project type

Single Release



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Genre: Pop
Artist: Writing Rounds Pop (ft. Steve Davis)
Production: A&A Production Studios - LeBron Arnwine
Programming: LeBron Arnwine
Mixing: Ashton Cone
Mastering: Ashton Cone
Cover Art: A&A Production Studios

‘Could It Be You?’ is the third single release from Writing Rounds Music, produced by A&A Production Studios. It features Steve Davis on vocals and was written by Steve Davis, Jesse Ray Miller, Alyssa Oliver Cone, and Mathew Delvescovo. The lyrics reveal the impact in being a listening ear to those who are struggling under the heavy burdens of life. The musical simplicity of this acoustic arrangement allows listeners to reflect on the simple, yet powerful concept that sometimes, all we need is to feel seen and to know that someone cares. We hope this ballad will inspire listeners to be the empathetic presence that could change the life of either a friend or a stranger who may become one. This music release has the support of our international songwriting community and its many independent creatives, who are united with the purposes of strengthening one another’s gifts and releasing quality music that impacts the industry.

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