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Grave Clothes

Project type

Single Release




Nashville, Tennessee

Listen Here

Genre: Gospel
Artist: Writing Rounds Gospel (ft. Jessica Hitte)
Production: A&A Production Studios
Programming: A&A Production Studios
Mixing: Nicholas Cole
Mastering: Dan Shike
Cover Art: A&A Production Studios
Songwriters: Jessica Hitte, LeBron Arnwine, Julissa Leilani, Michelle Mateo, Kayla Thompson, Melody Adorno, Kimberly Onyia, Drew Scott

Victory and resurrection. This is what you will hear when you encounter “Grave Clothes” for the first time. The stirring and empowering lyrics encourage reflection on the classic Gospel and enable listeners to identify with the resurrecting power of Jesus Christ. This song will make an excellent addition to your church’s Easter Sunday setlist.

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