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Genre: R&B
Artist: Writing Rounds Music (ft. Jessica Hitte & Jesse Ray Miller)
Production: A&A Production Studios
Programming: LeBron Arnwine & Jared White
Mixing: Evan Ford
Mastering: SoundLab
Cover Art: Zeke Tucker
Lyric Video: Chad Madden

“Instrumental” is the first release from Writing Rounds Music featuring Jessica Hitte and Jesse Ray Miller and produced by their partner, A&A Production Studios. All releases from WRM are written by the Writing Rounds Community which is filled with songwriters from all over the world who are ready to change the music industry. “Instrumental” was written by four songwriters who met for the first time during this writing session: LeBron Arnwine, Brandon Lee Berrios, Domine Ezechukwu and Precious J. Tankard. The song uses numerous musical references to show communication between two individuals working on their relationship. They created a song that catches the musician’s ear both musically and lyrically, while simultaneously creating a situation and feel that anyone can connect with. Along with the music release is video promotion and a community of close to 800 independent creatives pushing for its success.

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