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Make Room (Joy)

Project type

Single Release



Genre: Contemporary Christian / Holiday
ARTIST NAME: Writing Rounds (feat. AB Vital-Herne)
SONG TITLE: Make Room (Joy)
WRITERS: Ashley-Beth Vital-Herne, Jennifer Bryant, Jasmin Foreman, Deron Browne
PUBLISHERS: Writing Rounds Publishing
ALBUM/SONG(S) PRODUCED BY: Fisherman Project
MIXED BY: Fisherman Project
MASTERED BY: Fisherman Project
MASTERING HOUSE NAME & ADDRESS: The Fisherman Project Production Company, #30 Chestnut Boulevard, Bregon Park, D’Abadie, Trinidad W.I.

Produced by: Fisherman Project
Keys: Daniel Hamilton
Programming: Daniel Hamilton

Featured Vocals: Ashley-Beth Vital Herne
Vocal Arranger: Deron Browne
Background Vocals: Kathana Amazan, Sade Warren, Shania Baldwin, Sonayah Charles, Deron Browne, Denver Powell
Studio Engineer: T O M I

Cover Design: Brendan Kendall

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