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"Recording 101"

Track 1 Description


Through hands-on instruction, you will leave this track able to create and record in your DAW of choice (Pro Tools or Logic). Your instructors will move at a pace that allows you to build a strong foundation for your skills as a producer.​

Who is this track for?

  • Creatives wanting a hands-on introduction to music production.

  • Beginner producers looking to build a solid foundation for their production journey in Pro Tools or Logic.

  • Songwriters looking to learn how to create their own demos.



  • Functioning email address

  • WiFi / Internet

  • A computer with DAW

  • A separate device set up for video conferencing (Zoom)

  • DAW (Pro Tools or Logic - depending on Instructor choice)

  • Audio Interface

  • Instrument or Microphone 

  • Headphones / Speakers


If suggestions are needed: (Mic & Interface Recommendations for Beginners)


Suggested (Optional):

  • A document for note-taking (physical or digital)

  • Video recording device

Session Length

  • One 60 minute session per week

  • Four consecutive weeks


*Sessions are not recorded.

**Lack of attendance does not warrant a refund.


  • $250 per learner


Instructors & Times

​LeBron Arnwine (Pro Tools)

Wednesdays @ 9:30 pm EST

Ronnie Longoria (Logic)

Tuesdays @ 8:00 pm EST

Content Overview

Lesson 1

Getting Started


  • Recommendations

  • Definitions & Details

  • Homework Assignment

Lesson 2

Up & Running

  • Signal Flow

  • Creating a Session in Your DAW

  • Homework Assignment

Lesson 3

Workflow Inside Your DAW

  • Recording

  • Plugins

  • Inserts

  • Homework Assignment

Lesson 4

File Management

  • Basic Mixing

  • Bouncing and Organization

  • Final Assignment

Track Instructors