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"Stepping Your Game Up"

Track 2 Description


In this track, your instructor will assume that you have a basic understanding of songwriting. These lessons will challenge you to think deeper and become more detailed when creating lyrics and melodies. Some of the best ways to do this are through collaboration and critique. You will be introduced to multiple ways of using each to push you to become an even better songwriter.

Who is this track for?

  • Experienced songwriters wanting to challenge themselves beyond basic lyric and melody.

  • Songwriters looking to find ways to use collaboration in their process.

  • Songwriters needing new perspectives and fresh ideas for inspiration.



  • WiFi / Internet

  • A device set up for video conferencing (Zoom)

  • Functioning email address


Suggested (Optional):

  • A document for note-taking (physical or digital)

  • Instrument (physical or digital)

  • Access to previously written songs (if you have any)

  • Metronome

  • Video recording device


  • $250 per learner

Session Length

  • One 60 minute session per week

  • Four consecutive weeks


*Sessions are not recorded.

**Lack of attendance does not warrant a refund.

Instructors & Times

Jessica Hitte

Saturdays @ 3:00 pm EST

Melvin Aikens

Thursdays @ 9:00 pm EST

Content Overview

Lesson 1

Creating Your BEST Melodies


  • Stirring Emotions

  • Inspiration & Stuck Points

  • Developmental/Editing techniques

  • Homework Assignment

Lesson 2

Writing Your BEST Lyrics

  • Content

  • Word Sounds

  • Creative Language

  • Developmental/Editing Techniques

  • Homework Assignment

Lesson 3

Collaboration & Critiques

  • Co-Writing

  • Writing for an Artist or Brief

  • Rewrite, Rewrite, Rewrite

  • Homework Assignment

Lesson 4

Demos & Documents

  • The Importance of a Solid Demo

  • Split Sheets

  • Final Assignment

Track Instructors