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"After the Song is Done"

 Track 3 Description


So, you have the lyrics, the melodies, the arrangement, and even a quality demo to go along with it. Now what? This is exactly what this track will answer. While songwriting is a creative process, it is also a business. To become a serious songwriter, it is necessary to have an understanding of credits, copyrights, publishing and portfolios. Your instructor will make sure you leave confident in these areas and more! 

Who is this track for?

  • Songwriters who have mastered creativity, but lack the business knowledge.

  • Songwriters looking for a publishing deal and needing the confidence and information to make an informed decision.

  • Songwriters wanting to hold sophisticated conversations with industry professionals about their personal catalog.




  • WiFi / Internet

  • A device set up for video conferencing (Zoom)

  • Functioning email address


Suggested (Optional):

  • A document for note-taking (physical or digital)

  • Calculator

  • Video recording device


  • $250 per learner

Session Length

  • One 60 minute session per week

  • Four consecutive weeks


*Sessions are not recorded.

**Lack of attendance does not warrant a refund.

Instructors & Times

​Jessica Hitte

Mondays @ 7:00 pm EST

Content Overview

Lesson 1

Catalogs & Copyrights

  • Performing Rights Organizations (PRO)

  • Collective Management Organizations (CMO)

  • Ensuring That You Get Your Money

  • Copyrights: Are They Necessary?

  • Homework Assignment

Lesson 2

Understanding Credits

  • Writer Shares

  • Publisher Shares

  • Leveraging Credits

  • Homework Assignment

Lesson 3

Contracts & Agreements

  • Administration vs. Publishing Deals

  • Making the Best Choice for YOU

  • Homework Assignment

Lesson 4

Getting Organized & Standing Out

  • Your Personal Catalog

  • Creating a Portfolio

  • Final Assignment

Track Instructors

Grading & Rewards


Yes, we do grade aspects of this course. The highest point value you can earn is 1,000. Listed below are the highest amount of points you can receive for each assignment/action as well as what you can redeem with your points after the 4 weeks. 


  • Attendance: 75 points awarded per session attended

  • Midweek Check-Ins: up to 25 points per Check-in

  • Homework/Final Assignment: up to 150 points per assignment

    • Points are given based on:

      • Completion

      • Effort

      • Accuracy

Tier 1 Rewards

150 - 299 points

  • 1 Free Song Review

Tier 2 Rewards

300 - 499 points

  • Tier 1 rewards

  • 1 Discounted Consultation with your Instructor (15%)

Tier 3 Rewards

500 - 799 points

  • Tier 2 rewards

  • 1 Discounted Writing Rounds Academy Track (15%)

Tier 4 Rewards

800+ points

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